About Us - Event Management

Event management is a way of creating and developing large scale events. Now a day there are multiple types of event being organised by the people to live their moment and collect them as a memory. Events can be different types such as Commercial event, Production event, Company event, Luxury events etc.

Aryon has been excelling in this field by organising various party events where we have invited Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, SunidhiChauhan, Asha Bhosle, NehaKakkar, BappiLehari and many more. If you are looking at organising an event with Bollywood Celebrities at your event call us on 639 637 5203.

We at Aryon, organise all kinds of events such as Concert, Festival, Bollywood Show, Conferences, Ceremonies, Wedding, Inauguration, Formal/Theme parties etc. Our motive is to create a long term memory among your near and dear ones and add a charm to your event. We take all your responsibility right from the booking of the event to the Venue selection, Decoration, Stage set up, Lightening, Sounds, Music, Travel & Transportation, Technical arrangement and others.


Aryon has been organising these events In India and throughout the World successfully since 2007. Our team strives to satisfy your needs, demands and expectation by making plans, organising things and by executing all different kinds and sizes of events. Aryon, understands your need and the purpose of your event and the expectation of the audience. We study the audience, get our selves involved in research by setting up the timeline and complete them within the stipulated time frame.

So what are you waiting for? We are just one call away!

Commercial Events (Concert, Festival, Wedding, Birthday)

Aryon is one of the dedicated event management company to creating unique, fun and personalized events and services. We provide venue, catering, decorations, Technique (Light & sound engineers) for all events according to your requirement. All services play important role and you will get under one umbrella.We provide concert tour, destination weddings, Private festivals, Theme Parties,atNational and International Level. If you need any bollywood celebrities in any event to attract your guest and enjoy with them you can tell us we will arrange everything which you want. You can also buy concert tickets from us.

We also organize birthday parties, we are pretty good at organizing things in whatever way our clients want us to play out for them. We can take care of everything regarding all events.We can also handle Birthday Cake deliveries on request, and special party hats. If you want to surprise your guest by getting into a different dress code, we can also arrange special costumes and make-up for giving a memorable look on your birthday.We will help you make the right decisions to fit your budget. Wishes and desires are the most important and we strive to make them our quality.

Company Events (Seminars, Conference, Fair, International Events)

Aryon are dedicated to providing you everything you need to produce the perfect seminar/ conference. As we have years of experience in managing the conference & seminars at National and International Level we know our client needs. From the moment your enquiry arrives, we will work to provide our best– supplying you with budgeting, accommodation, transportation and registration expertise. As a professional conference organizer, we believe in delivering high quality of services.

Aryon conducts leading fairs across India and abroad, we providing a platform that brings together buyers & sellers from across the world through fairs.International Meetings are platforms on which people from various places or countries participate for discuss ideas or exchange of knowledge and opinions as well as policy decision making on matters of regional and global level.With an experience of handling hundreds of international meetings, we provide a fabulous team, as well as the knowledge of all protocols related to such meetings. Our promises is satisfy the customer and take care of their uniqueness, convenience and value for money during the wedding requirements

Corporate Events (Brand activation, Inauguration, Product launch, Summits)

A corporate event is a modern way to gather everyone. After years of hard work and dedication, you finally pulled up a great product or brand. And now it is time to display your hard work. So we are here to celebrate or organize your hard work. We provide all the services regarding Corporate events according to your plan and budget such as brand activation, Product Launch, Inauguration, Summits etc at National and International Level.

We offer best services that your brands reach out directly to the target audience at the desired location.With a team of top innovative designers and planners, we bring you thoughtful ideas, unique concepts and channels whether it is product launch, Inauguration or summit. With our extensive experience and best service resources, Aryoncan help you plan and organize effective events for your guests. We convert your ideas, objectives and goals into reality. So, offer us a chance to serve your specific requirements and make your events as grand and successful as you thought.

Luxury Events (Lifestyle Gathering, Fashion Show,Bollywood meet & greet, Award ceremonies)

Luxury Events are one of the best solutions to increase brand awareness. Having already worked in European countries, we have great team and services to organize a fashion show, Bollywood meet, award ceremonies etc that would be unforgettable. No matter the location in the world.

At Aryon, we make sure that everyone gets a royal treat. Your life is special and each moment is priceless and valuable. Therefore, we provide unforgettable experiences, something that is hard to even dream of. We make sure that the planning process is personalized and as stress free as possible. Having a good network of experienced models, management, technicians, we also master in organizing fashion shows. We host fashion fairs, fashion exhibitions, fashion eventswhenever you need.We deal with celebrities from all walks of life like cinema, sports, politics, music industry and various others. We offer our all the services regarding Award ceremonies like award management, communications, award entries, judging, voting, ticket sales, sponsors, finance, technology, production, graphics, guest management, websites.

Event Service

We combine imagination with experience to create and deliver our customer’s expectations. It is the service that gives satisfaction to the consumers. It is really very important to understand the need of the consumer and provide services accordingly. Aryon provides you the best services be it within India or Internationally, we give you a lifetime experience that enables us to accept any challenges to deliver the best service possible.

We route our services to the exclusive needs of our clients, resulting in a superior customer experience by building improved efficiencies. Whether you are interested in our services,we look forward to working with you.

We at Aryon provide all services right from the booking of the Events, Concert, Wedding to hosting Annual Summits, Festivals etc. by our company, we also provide DJ, band, Volunteers, Bouncers, and Celebrities (Bollywood & TV star) to make your event memorable, not to mention the catering, lighting, and tents at the event, which are all managed superbly by our trained, experienced an dedicated team members.

Aryon has been delivering these services since 2007 and creating new standards everyday. We at Aryon, come up with innovative ideas regarding the decoration, theme parties, wedding events. If you are looking to add grace to any event at your place, just contact us we will be right there for you.