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Kumbh mela has its own religious importance which is held at Haridwar, Allahabad, Ujjain and Nasik   every 12 years in cycle, however, this year the festival will be held in its 11th year because of some planetary movements. This year kumbh mela will be held from january 14 and continue till april in Haridwar. No doubt it is the largest gathering of faith in which from the whole of the world people participate and take bathes in the sacred or holy river. This year there will be a total of 4 Shahi Snan and 9 Ganga Snan in Kumbh Mela.

According to Hindu mythology, Kumbh Mela is an important and religious festival which is celebrated four times over the course of 12 years. The location of the festival keeps rotating between four pilgrimage sites situated on the banks of the holy rivers. These places are Haridwar on the Ganga in the Uttarakhand, Ujjain on the Shipra river in Madhya  Pradesh , Nashik on the Godavari river in Maharashtra and Prayagraj at the confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati  in the Uttar Pradesh.
The name Kumbh is derived from the immortal pot of nectar which the Devtas and the Demons fought over as described in ancient Vedic scriptures known as the Puranas. The history of Kumbh Mela is related to the days when the Devtas and the Demons conjointly produced nectar of immortality in half. The Devtas and the demons then assembled on the shore of the milk ocean that lies in the celestial region of the cosmos. The churning of the milk ocean produced a deadly poison which Lord Shiva drank without being affected. After crossing through many hurdles years later, Dhanwantari appeared with the nectar of immortality in her hands.



Kumbh Mela Type and Cities:

There are types of Kumbh Melas- Maha Kumbh Mela-It is held only in Prayagraj. It comes every 144 years or after 12 Purna (complete) Kumbh Mela. Purna Kumbh Mela-It comes every 12 years.  Mainly held at 4 Kumbh Mela places in India i.e. Prayagraj, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain. It rotates every 12 years at these 4 places. Ardh Kumbh Mela– It means Half Kumbh Mela which is held every 6 years in India only at two places i.e. Haridwar and Prayagraj. Kumbh Mela – Held at four different places and is organized by the state governments. Millions of people participate with spiritual enthusiasm. Magh Kumbh Mela– It is also known as Mini Kumbh Mela which is held annually and only at Prayagraj. It is organized in the month of Magh according to the Hindu Calendar.
The venue for Kumbh Mela is decided according to the position of the Sun, Moon And Jupiter held in that period in different zodiac signs.


Types of Kumbh Mela and its occurrence:

> Kumbh Mela – held at all four places every 3 years.
> Ardh Kumbh Mela – held at Haridwar and Allahabad every 6 years.
> Purna Kumbh Mela – held only at Allahabad every 12 years.
> Maha Kumbh Mela – held only at Allahabad every 144 years.


Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar 2021:

Maha Khumbh Mela 2021 will begin from January 14 at Haridwar and will continue till April 2021. Kumbh Mela is a major Hindu festival and pilgrimage which is celebrated in A cycle of 12 year at four holy river banks: Prayagraj (Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati rivers confluence), Haridwar (Ganges), Nashik (Godavari), and Ujjain (Shipira). It’s said that bathing in these holy rivers is a means to prayascitta (Atonement, penance) for past mistakes, And cleanses the sins of human beings.

Dates of four Shahi Snans in Kumbh mela at Haridwar 2021.
1. First Shahi Snan – 11th March – Shivratri
2. Second Shahi Snan – 12th April – Somvati Amavasya
3. Third Shahi Snan – 14th April – Makar Sankranti
4. Fourth Shahi Snan – 27th April – Baisakh Purnima

There will be a total of 9 Ganga Snan this year in Kumbh Mela at Haridwar 2021:
1. January 13, 14 & 15, 2021 – Makar Sakranti Snan
2. February 10, 11 & 12,2021 – Mauni Amavasya Snan
3. February 15, 16 & 17, 2021 – Basant Panchami Snan
4. February 26, 27 & 28, 2021 -Magh Poornima Snan
5. March 10, 11 & 12, 2021 – Maha Shivratri Snan
6. April 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15,  2021 – Somvati Amavasya Snan
7. April 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2021 – Baisakhi Snan
8. April 20, 21 & 22, 2021 – Ram Navami Snan
9. April 26,  27 & 28, 2021 – Chaitra Purnima Snan


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